Rapid Prototyping Tool

“Speedup” (Rapid)
Power Electronics development

Divide Power Electronics Devices into parts, creating modular unit. Enable a Fast yet Simple method overcoming multiple steps.

Power Electronics Technologies

Power Electronics Technologies, also called semiconductor power conversion technology, is a technology for all applied systems centered on power conversion and control using power semiconductor elements.​ By using a power semiconductor element as a switch and switching its on / off at high speed, it is possible to change the DC voltage (step-up, step-down) and convert DC to AC (inverter). The technologies has been used in a wide range from electric power fields such as power generation and power transmission, industrial fields such as motors and pumps, power supply devices such as communication systems and factories, electric railway fields such as train drive and substation, and automobiles and household appliances. There are many fields where energy saving can be achieved by applying power electronics technology, and expectations for power electronics technology are increasing in response to recent demands for energy saving and decarbonization.

Speedup (RAPID) the commercialization of product by adopting biRAPID in R&D

Prototyping and manufacturing power electronics equipment requires a lot of know-how, labor, time, and cost. In recent years, semiconductors that operate at high speed, such as SiC and GaN, are often used, and in this case, the design difficulty becomes significantly higher. Even spending a hard time designing and prototyping, if noise related malfunctions occurred, redesign and prototyping is needed all over again, which will take more time. In the development of power electronics, we have prepared a product "biRAPID" that realizes rapid prototyping, which is a development method for quickly prototyping a product. biRAPID can help to speed up the feedback cycle of planning, design, and prototyping.

Power Electronics breakdown into parts as module

Power Electronics products and systems in constructed by converters, controller, sensors and other parts. biRAPID is the breakdown of such parts. By purchasing the needed 「biRAPID」part, even a single unit will be able to simplify multiple steps in short time.