SiC Inverter Development Kit​​

SiC Inverter Startup Kit for easy testing setup. Suitable for testing of variety of circuit structure and operation condition

A combination of SiC Three-Phase inverter with a controller, sample software, etc., so that it can be operated as a Three-Phase inverter simply by turning on AC100V for control. 6 unit of ROHM’s SiC-MOSFET are used to form a Three-Phase full-bridge inverter with max. rated power at 10 kVA. 24V control power supply and sample software are included​.

SiC inverter set with minimal setup for immediate testing

Experiments can be performed immediately only with wiring to the power supply and load.

Various circuit configurations and conditions

Switchable between chopper or inverter operation with sample software by adjusting switching frequency, modulation factor, etc. at Controller board.​​

Software Development​

Software development is possible too with HSDT-KIT-B (Power Elec. Development Kits)​

Specification(Model: HEK-INV-A)

DC Voltage Range​ 0V〜400V P-N Port​
Maximum AC Current​ 30Arms U, V, W Port​
Maximum Switching Frequency​ 200kHz Modified w/ Rotary Switch
Min Dead-time​ 200ns Modified w/ Rotary Switch
Operational Switch​ Toggle SW: 8 ch / Rotary SW: 1 ch​
Display LED​ Yellow:8 ch / Red:4 ch / Green:5 ch​
Operation Mode​ Chopper​
1-phase Inverter​r​
3-phase Inverter​
Selected by Switch​
Protection​ AC OC / DC OV Threshold limit can be adjusted with Variable Resistor on the circuite board
Power Supply​ AC100V
Size​ W: 215mm / D: 125mm / H: 130mm All the component connected

Operational Parameter

Start/Stop​ Gate Signal Output Control​
Topologies​ Chopper / Inverter​​
1-phase /3-phase
U port for Chopper​
U, V Port for ​1-phase Output​
Modulation ​ Unipolar Modulation / Bipolar Modulation
Triangular wave carrier comparison modulation / Spatial Vector Modulation
For 1-phase Output​
For 3-phase Output
Switching Frequency​ 10kHz〜200kHz Changeable to Rotary Switching​
Dead-time​ 200ns〜600ns Changeable to Rotary Switching​
Modulation Ratio​ 0〜1
Inverter Output Frequency​ 50Hz〜500Hz

Block Diagram