GaN 3 Phase Inverter​ Kit

GaN Inverter Set for MHz class high frequency switching experiment​

A combination of GaN Three-Phase inverter with a controller, sample software, etc., so that it can be operated as a Three-Phase inverter simply by turning on AC100V for control. 6 unit of GaN Systems’ GaN E-HEMT are used to form a Three-Phase full-bridge inverter with max. 5MHz switching frequency. 24V control power supply and sample software are included.

GaN Inverter Set for MHz class high frequency switching experiment​

Experiments can be performed immediately only with wiring to the power supply and load​

Various circuit configurations and conditions​

Switchable between chopper or inverter operation with sample software
Adjusting switching frequency, dead time through operation board.​

Software development is possible toowith HSDT-KIT-B (Power Elec. Development Kits)​

Specification(Model: HEK-INV-C)

DC Voltage Range​ 0 V - 400 V​ P-N Port​
Maximum AC Current​ 12 Arms​ U, V, W Port​
Maximum Switching Frequency​ 1.5MHz (5MHz)​ Can choose up to 1.5MHz w/ Rotary Switch. Along with HSDT-KIT-B, can drive until 5MHz​
Min Dead-time​ 30 ns​ Can be chosen through Rotary Switch​
Operational Switch​ Toggle SW: 8 ch / Rotary SW: 1 ch​
Display LED​ Yellow:8 ch / Red:4 ch / Green:5 ch​
Operation Mode​ Chopper​
1-phase Inverter​
3-phase Inverter​
Selected by Switch​
Protection​ AC OC / DC OV​ Threshold to be modified with variable Resister​
Power Supply​ AC100 V​
Size​ W: 209mm / D: 130mm / H: 186mm​ Combining 3-phase inverter and controller board​
Weight​ 2.35kg​

Operational Parameter

Start/Stop​ Gate Signal Output Control​
Topologies​ Chopper / Inverter​
1-phase / 3-phase​
U port for Chopper​
U, V Port for ​1-phase Output​
Modulation ​ Unipolar Modulation / Bipolar Modulation​
Triangular wave carrier comparison modulation​ /
Spatial Vector Modulation​
For 1-phase output​
For 3-phase Output
Switching Frequency​ 20 kHz – 1.5 MHz​ Changeable to Rotary Switching​
Dead-time​ 30 ns ~ 100ns​ Changeable to Rotary Switching​
Modulation Ratio​ 0~1​
Inverter Output Frequency​ 50Hz~500Hz​

Block Diagram​