December 24, 2021
Press Releas

Development of Multi-purpose Universal Solar Farm Controller (USFC)

(Tokyo, JP, 29th Sept 2021), Headspring Inc Japan, has announced the adaptation of Semikron’ s power module in developing the Multi-purpose Universal Solar Farm as electrified agriculture solution, targeting the rural area in emerging and developing countries.

The currently still under development Universal Solar Farm Controller (USFC) is to be powered by Solar Panel and able to drive a various type of motors with good efficiency, providing a system which not only able to pump water, but also power up grinder, fridge etc at rural area, where those locations are mostly isolated from grid. The development of USFC is intended to help on reducing carbon emission, providing green solution for Agriculture.

Headspring has long experience in developing Compact and High Efficiency power conversion products using next generation semiconductors Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN), providing solutions for Solar ESS system, EV powertrain, etc, contributed to the realization of various applications that contribute to a carbon-neutral society.

Press Relase

The product developed will be one of the joint efforts with Semikron for our next generation EV infrastructure system
and in near future, the Hydrogen Energy Storage system solutions, which will widen our product application in
electrifying the society.

News Release in English is【here】