Special purpose
power supplies

Suitable for Small lot
special purpose power source

The requirement of electricity are vary depending on the situation, and the voltage and current also vary depending on the application depending on the various purposes.
Headspring uses the technology of the DC regenerative power supply “biATLAS-D” for testing, and according to the requirement, scale up in various power ranges, where it is an optimized setup for used in wide variety of ​special power supply in small quantities.

Battery Charge and Discharge testing System

High accuracy testing are required for low voltage to high voltage range battery charge/discharge evaluation. Furthermore, a large amount of power is consumed during discharging.
Headspring able to configure a system that can be used for charging and discharging the battery by using the bidirectional DC regenerative power supply "biATLAS-D", which can be used for both charging and discharging.
In addition, since it is a regenerative power source, it is possible to apply the power when discharged from the battery to the load of other power sources such as air conditioners.

Charging System for Industrial Usage

Japan Industrial area commonly equipped with three-phase three-wire 200V power source, but there are a wide variety of battery voltages and capacities when electrification is required.
Headspring able to configure a charger that supports low-voltage, high-current to high-voltage, large-capacity batteries by modularizing the converter using the technology of the DC regenerative power supply "biATLAS-D".

Our knowledge assets

We accelerate customer EV development and production using EV platform which integrate EV electrical equipment control system and Electric power control platform that reduces the burden of capital investment by sharing units and equipment in EV production plants.