Solutions for
emerging countries

Electrification of Isolated Area

The power situation in emerging countries is still far from good. Although infrastructure development in urban areas is progressing rapidly, but it is still lack of power supply stability, and there are many areas where power outages occur frequently. It is not uncommon for non-electrified areas to be scattered even just a short distance away from urban areas. We are developing products centered on local production for local consumption of energy, particularly in such areas.

USFC​ (Universal Solar Farm Controller​)

We develop a Solar Powered general-purpose power converter 「Universal Solar Farm Controller」 ​which able to drive motors such as pumps, refrigerators, and threshing machines, where each system can be operated even if it is disconnected from the power grid.

Our knowledge assets

We accelerate customer EV development and production using EV platform which integrate EV electrical equipment control system and Electric power control platform that reduces the burden of capital investment by sharing units and equipment in EV production plants.