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Smart Way to Use and Store Electrical Energy with EV

The shift from conventional gasoline-powered vehicles to EVs is accelerating Worldwide as part of the Global Warming measure in order to improve Global Environment.
Meanwhile in Japan, with 「Carbon Neutral」 as the keyword, automobile companies other companies are developing and selling next-generation electric vehicles such as EVs.
Headsprings, in particular, is focusing on the development and popularization of on-board chargers (OBCs), a bidirectional charging system equipped with Vehicle-to-Home / Grid (in short, V2X) compatibility, which is needed in the EV-based societies as a preparation for large-scale disasters that has been major issue in Japan.

V2X System

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not only also used as a mean of transport, but also utilize as a storage battery for purposes.
For example, V2L system that makes it possible to use electricity by discharging it for emergency usage, or the V2H system that can store and supply electricity at home and etc, a various development have been conducted.
Headspring also developing a system that can charge and discharge EVs by applying technology that insulates and controls power in both directions.

On-Board Chargers (OBCs),

Unlike stationary V2H devices, onboard charger (OBC) is installed within the EV, and it can takes out AC voltage directly from power outlet. In this way, EV can served as an emergency power source in the event of a power outage, without the need of installing expensive stationary V2H equipment in your home or office.

The OBC is a 2-in-1 integrated system of an onboard charger that charges battery with a DC high voltage of 200V to 400V, withdrawing from single-phase AC 100V / 200V power system, and a DCDC converter that supplies power to a DC low-voltage 12V system.

External transmission is achieved through Computer Area Network (CAN) interface to control the charge and discharge function.

Headspring realized an air-cooled OBC by suppressing heat generation with SiC. We also offer models that are compatible with water cooling.


Size W:350mm / D:250mm / H:150mm (Except for the Projections)
Max. Power Output 6.6kW​
AC Input Voltage Range AC 90V〜240V​
AC Input Voltage Range AC 100V / 200V​
AC Freq. 50Hz / 60Hz​
DC Voltage (High Side) DC 200V ~ 400V​
DC Voltage (Low Side) DC 6V〜15V​
Max. Current at DC Side 80A(5s Interval)
Current output 0〜20A
Operation Temp. -20℃〜+60℃​

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We accelerate customer EV development and production using EV platform which integrate EV electrical equipment control system and Electric power control platform that reduces the burden of capital investment by sharing units and equipment in EV production plants.