ESS Solutions

Modularization Energy Storage System

The power storage system needs to control power in both directions in order to charge and discharge the storage battery.
Headspring utilizes the bidirectional power conversion technology cultivated up to now, and configure the output capacity (kW) down at the modular level.

3 Phase ESS for Industrial usage

Power supplies for industrial use are often supplied with three-phase three-wire 200V, and the required output capacity varies depending on the location of use.
Headspring has modularized a three-phase three-wire 200V converter to meet these needs so that we can configure a power storage system for various purposes.
For example, it is possible to answer the following needs.
・ Configure a power storage system with a large output to accommodate the load with rapid fluctuation on peak shift.
-Minimize the output for sufficient power in the event of a power outage.

Our knowledge assets

We accelerate customer EV development and production using EV platform which integrate EV electrical equipment control system and Electric power control platform that reduces the burden of capital investment by sharing units and equipment in EV production plants.