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SOLUTIONSupport for development of special power supply

Accelerate development and improve added value from optimal technical support in necessary areas

Special power supplies are used for inductive heating devices, electric discharge machines, semiconductors, FPD manufacturing devices, and medical and industrial equipment. In those fields, we make full use of our experience and technologies and do our best to provide assistance in the necessary fields, which can include customization and incorporation of our products into the customer’s system, support for introducing advanced technology using SiC/GaN, and support for acquisition of certification.

Construction example of pulse power supply for electric discharge machine


Since the required specifications of the power supplies of equipment used in manufacturing sites differ greatly depending on the equipment and the applications, exclusive design is required in many cases. Meanwhile, the resources of device development are mainly applied to processing parts for the processing machine and heating parts for heating devices, which means development of the power supply part may be postponed. In such a small-lot special power supply field that requires short-term development, we first acquire a full understanding of the power supply and operation of the equipment, then propose development support with existing assets as much as possible through our theoretical approach and expertise based on our past experience. Especially in this field, while many customers own the technology, they lack the resources, but want to develop the main parts themselves. In that case, we provide support in the necessary areas of the control part for the power supply, performance improvement, and size reduction of parts via higher frequency in order to accelerate development and increase added value for the customer. For example, for inductive heating power supplies, we use SiC and GaN to achieve high frequency or to develop the control part. For pulse power supplies for a variety of different devices, we develop only the AC/DC conversion part for the previous stage in accordance with the pulse generation part for the subsequent stage developed by customers. One of the features of Headspring is to attend sincerely to the problems together with the customer and solve them.

Technological assets to utilize

  • Bidirectional DC/AC module
  • SiC three-phase inverter module
  • Embedded controller
  • Control Software
  • GaN circuit block