Headspring Inc. | We provide optimal energy systems using energy sources specific to the regions, achieving local production for local consumption

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We propose optimum support according to the customer’s problems

Headspring proposes products and solutions that can decrease the barriers to the application of power electronics technologies for customers. We provide optimum proposals regardless of the customer’s development phase or knowledge by providing products that save labor in constructing test facilities or customizing test equipment for the R&D sectors of research and development institutions and educational institutions. At the same time, we can provide services from functional prototyping of products to mass-production (OEM) for product development sectors and support business promotions to complement knowledge and experience through our consulting service for new business sectors. For small customization, we can achieve efficient optimization through a combination of products to reduce the development cost.

Strengths of our solution business

Bring advanced technology to your hands!
Promote advanced technology—that is our primary mission, for example, new materials or standard modules miniaturized by customized circuit topology. We will continue to bring attractive technologies one after another to the world.
Reduce opportunity loss
By using standard modules and standard controllers, we shorten the development period and the certification acquisition period, and thus speed up the sales timing of products.


Commissioned development / Commercialization support

Commissioned development / Development support

Energy service business