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SOLUTIONUPS commercialization support

Propose the addition of UPS functions according to the desired size, specs, and price

We propose UPS and instantaneous-drop compensation functions from simple and low-price ones to high-spec ones according to the customer’s wishes by combining power conversion modules such as the bidirectional DC/AC and control software and provide support to accomplish high added-value of products.

Construction example of UPS and instantaneous-drop compensation function

sample sample

The importance of a business continuity plan (BCP) in Japan and the problems of unstable electric power supply overseas, especially in emerging countries, have drawn increasing attention to the need to add uninterruptible power supply (UPS) functions to the power supply in a variety of different fields. On the other hand, the requirements vary depending on customers and products; for example, some facilities seek to supply electric power only for a short period after power failure detection, stabilize the power supply so that no instantaneous voltage drop will occur, or use the power supply for existing products to add an instantaneous-drop compensation function. In response to these diverse needs, we combine control software with bidirectional DC/DC modules and bidirectional DC/AC modules. Furthermore, we offer flexible proposals to add functions in parts of the system and determine the scope of adding such functions in accordance with the customer’s size and cost requirements. In general, UPS systems offer permanent inverter power supply systems, line interactive systems, or permanent commercial power supply systems. For example, we propose the permanent inverter power supply system to minimize the influence of power system failure while realizing high conversion efficiency with SiC devices or adding a bidirectional DC/DC module and storage battery (separately procured) to the power supply unit of an existing product to achieve a simple and small added-value improvement. Although we offer the utmost in technologies and experience within the company, we will not necessarily recommend only in-company technologies and advanced technologies; we will conduct external procurement if it will benefit the customers and outsource manufacturing to lower the manufacturing costs. We believe our strength is to provide a proposal that will satisfy our customers to the utmost.

Technological assets to utilize

  • Bidirectional DC/AC module
  • Bidirectional DC/DC module
  • Battery charge and discharge control
  • High-speed semiconductor switch