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SOLUTIONSupport for commercialization of electricity storage system

Build optimal electrical storage systems according to the customer’s commercialization strategy

By appropriately combining power conversion modules, such as bidirectional DC/AC and bidirectional DC/DC with control software, we support the commercialization of electrical storage systems that offer high usability and a simple configuration.

Construction examples of electricity storage system


In recent years, the demand for electrical storage systems has increased because of the shift to the self-consumption of renewable energy and progress in electrical power system reforms. In the domestic storage battery market, residential solar power generation facilities will shift to total self-consumption owing to the so-called 2019 issue where sales of residential solar power generation will end. It is expected that demand for residential electrical storage systems will increase. The needs of customers, who asked us to develop electrical storage systems, are different. For example, storage battery operators and solar panel operators require different storage battery systems that take advantage of their respective business strengths. Accordingly, the final customers targeted (potential) are different; as a result, there will be a difference in the system configuration proposed by our company. Our strength is that we can respond to the variety of different needs by combining standard power conversion modules.

Technological assets to utilize

  • Bidirectional DC/AC module
  • Bidirectional DC/DC module
  • System interconnection
  • MPPT control