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SiC Power Devices Embedded H-bridge Circuit block

HGCB-4A-401200 (Single Board)

HGCB-4x4A-401200 (4 boards + casing)

A SiC Power Device embedded, capable of 200kHz drive,
and an H-Bridge circuit block applicable in various circuit formation.

This product is an H-bridge (full-bridge) that contains of ROHM’s ‘SCT3030AL’ Trench SiC-MOSFET. With 4 H-bridge circuits are mounted within one housing, experimental systems capable of a various applications can be constructed.

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● Experimental hardware suitable for R&D use such as prototyping and basic experiments. The testing environment can be setup with no time.

● HGCB-4A-401200: With 4 SiC devices, the gate drive circuit consists of a substrate, heat sink, and a voltage sensor.

● HGCB-4x4A-401200: 4 boards of HGCB-4A-401200 and the casing with the chiller.

● This product can receive external gate signals that drive each SiC power device and need external power. An electrolytic capacitor, 24 V and 5 V power supplies, wires between substrates, and a controller need to be provided by customers.

● Both the signal circuit and the power supply circuit are insulated in itself.

● This product has protective functions from arm short-circuits, undervoltage in the gate drive circuit, and substrate surface temperature. Therefore the unit will not easily break, even when the gate pulse pattern is incorrect.

● Since the design materials such as circuit diagrams are available, customers can modify to suit the application.


● Fast and easy setup for Testing Environment
Since a gate drive circuit and a gate power supply circuit designed in accordance with the SiC power device, and can be driven without concern for problems such as surge and erroneous ignition, it is possible to reduce troubleshooting time. And with both the signal circuit and the power supply circuit are insulated in itself, users can have it switching by inputting gate signals and by supplying 24V and 5V. Since driving can be performed only by preparing a simple signal source such as a function generator, the time required for preparing an experiment can be reduced.
● High degree of freedom with a plentiful of usage combination
Since the gate signal is input and drive with every element in the board, it is easy to configure circuit other than the H-bridge, such as the half-bridge circuit and chopper circuit just by changing the wiring of the main circuit. Meantime, MMC, Wireless Charging, Multiple motor drive, Cascade connected inverter and a various application can be achieved.
● Published Design (Circuit Diagram)
An easy reference of the components and circuit configurations is provided with the attached circuit diagram. Design can be used as a reference of the SiC drive circuit, and modification such as circuit parameter tuning is also possible, which helps on design and examination.
Compact size

Specification (Model: HGCB-4A-401200)

Specification (Model: HGCB-4A-401200)

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram

Connection example:
MMC type 4-cell module

Connection example


What kind of application is suitable?
Experimental hardware with functions suitable for use in R&D purpose such as prototyping and basic experiments. Various circuit topologies, for example, Single-Phase inverters, Step-up/Step-down choppers, Totem-pole connections, Modular Multilevel Converter, Dual Active Bridge and so on can be achieved.
Is there a product that generates a gate signal for input?
Controllers are available. Peripheral devices such as a sensor board are also available. Please see here for details.
Do you offer academic pricing?
Academic pricing is available for this product. Please feel free to contact us.