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PRODUCTSCircuit block with GaN power deviceHGCB-2B-401150

Circuit block for evaluation of characteristics of GaN power devices and easy confirmation of the operation of a power converter equipped with a GaN power device

This product is a half-bridge circuit (one phase of inverter) equipped with the GaN E-HEMT GS66508B by GaN Systems. It can be used for evaluation of GaN power devices and for load tests because the output is about 3 kW per unit.

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● A circuit block equipped with GaN E-HEMT GS66508B by GaN Systems.

● With two GaN devices, the gate drive circuit consists of a substrate, heat sink, and fan.

● This product can receive external gate signals that drive each GaN power device and can also use external power. An electrolytic capacitor, 24 V and 5 V power supplies, wires between substrates, and a controller are provided by customers.

● The control part and the main circuit part are insulated.

● This product has protective functions for arm short-circuits, undervoltage in the gate drive circuit, and substrate surface temperature, and therefore the unit will not easily break, even when the gate pulse pattern is incorrect.


● Equipped with the GaN E-HEMT, insulated gate drive circuit, and gate power supply circuit
The test environment for the GaN device can be easily constructed. For example, it is possible to operate and test the GaN device with a weak electric circuit, and it is possible to omit the insulation design, which significantly relates to a malfunction.
● Simple and open structure
It is easy to check the characteristics of the GaN and the operation of the peripheral circuits. Specifically, test pins are arranged in each part for easy measurement, and it is easy to check circuit operation, as there are only a few equipment components.
● Disclose design materials, such as the circuit diagram
Both theoretical and actual operation can be considered, and it can be used as a design reference. Also, the user can make modifications according to the applications. * Customization and application prototypes are also possible upon request.

Specification (Model: HGCB – 2B – 401150)

Specification (Model: HGCB - 2B - 401150)

Connection example


Main interface

Main interface


Is it possible to tune the characteristics, such as the gate drive circuit?
It is possible through customization. Since the circuit diagram is attached at the time of purchase, you can also modify it yourself.
Is there a product that generates a gate signal for input?
Controllers are available. Peripheral devices such as a sensor board are also available. Please see here for details.
Do you offer academic pricing?
Academic pricing is available for this product. Please feel free to contact us.