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PRODUCTSBidirectional DC-AC conversion module

Space-saving, built-in power conversion module available for V2H system and electricity storage system

A highly efficient power conversion module is equipped with the SiC-MOSFET. An internal non-isolated DCDC converter and single-phase inverter circuit are included, and bidirectional power conversion is possible. This unit can accelerate product development by being incorporated into mass-produced products.

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● A power conversion module using the SiC-MOSFET device by Rohm Co., Ltd.

● With a high capacity of 4.5 kW, the size of the device is miniaturized to that of a tissue box (about one-third the size of existing products). Therefore, more space can be secured for other parts (storage battery etc.) at the time of incorporation into products.

● Power conversion efficiency is about 96%


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We balance the switching frequency, loss, and size and realize downsizing to about one-third of existing products. Compared with existing products, loss was maintained at the same level, and the size of the module was reduced as a result, although the switching frequency was increased.


Product composition


Is this product adopted in actual products?
Yes. Please see the following for details.
Example of application to electricity storage system
Do you also sell only hardware?
Unfortunately, because this product requires customization of software, we do not accept the purchase of the hardware only. We will provide proposals and quotations after a consultation; please click here to submit inquiries.