Power electronics

Power electronics technology is utilized in converting electrical waveforms, frequencies, voltages, and the other properties of electricity into the optimal form for the application. Through the combination of various circuit configurations and control methods—based on switching technology using power semiconductors—power electronics can convert electrical power more efficiently and flexibly.
In addition, electrical energy can be utilized efficiently without any loss when electrical power is converted into the form most suited to the target equipment. As next-generation power semiconductors (SiC and GaN) are currently being commercialized, further improvements are expected in the performance of power electronics products.

Platform for Power Electronics

Circuit Block for Power Electronics

Circuits that are the core of power electronics technology (Power conversion via switching operations)

“Next-generation power semiconductors” are currently in the spotlight. They provide various advantages over conventional power semiconductors, including higher speed, higher withstand voltage, higher temperature operation, and low loss. Through cooperative developments originating in the government and private sector in Japan, some manufacturers have now been releasing products—especially SiC and GaN power devices—onto the market. However, utilization of the new semiconductors in equipment has been fairly slow, and conventional power semiconductors are still being used in most newly released equipment. This is mainly due to the facts that the circuits do not work correctly when you simply replace conventional power semiconductors with the new ones and that utilization of them is very difficult because extensive expertise is required in redesigning the entire system, including peripheral circuits. Next-generation power semiconductors have already been mass-produced but their utilization in equipment has been very limited. To rectify that situation, Headspring has developed and is marketing the “Platform for Power Electronics” including “Circuit Block for Power Electronics,” a block of the modularized circuit devices that in particular requires special design expertise. We intend to continue to aid in the social progress of mankind via greater energy efficiency provided through introducing and expanding use of next-generation power semiconductors.