Core Technology A wide range of proprietary power electronics technologies and a wealth of developmental achievements give us the utmost advantage in unleashing next-generation technologies.

Headspring’s technical advantages lie in the diverse technologies required for the development of power electronics, and in its extensive achievements in the field of SiC power semiconductors. For the development of power electronics, it is crucial to combine various technologies (for example analog with digital) and to optimize several requirements in a trade-off relationship, including size, cost, efficiency, response speed, and noise.
Our key proprietary technologies allow us to highly optimize such requirements in a short time and develop outstanding products. Furthermore, because of our day-to-day theoretical approaches, we also have a great advantage in development projects utilizing next-generation power semiconductors such as SiC, where the circuits do not work correctly through simple replacement of conventional power semiconductors with the new types, and instead the entire circuit needs to be redesigned and optimized.