Commissioned development and OEM business

We can assist you in the development of power converters—from prototyping through to mass-production— for use in electrical cars, power conditioners for solar power generation systems, power storage systems, and so on. We can help solve any technical challenges you face regarding power electronics and also provide complementary assistance in your development projects.

List of previous commissioned developments/
product developments

Headspring has a skilled engineer workforce with combined experience gained from more than 500 commissioned development and management cases that utilized power electronic technologies.

● Power converters for power storage system
● Bidirectional DC power supplies
● Power conditioners for solar power generation
● Power converters for V2H
● Uninterruptible power supply systems
● System interconnection inverters
● Decentralized power supply systems
● Battery charge-discharge power supplies
● Controllers for power electronics products
● Power converters using SiC-based power devices

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