Circuit Block
with Next Generation GaN Device

Circuit Block for simple and easy evaluation of GaN power device characteristics and validation of power electronics module/application with GaN.


● Equipped with GaN E-HEMT by GaN Systems.

● 2 GaN Power Devices, Gate Drives, Heat-sink, FAN on board.

● External Gate Input and Power Source needed.

● Condenser for Filter, 24V/5V Power Supply, Cabling, Controller are to be provided by customers.

● Control Circuit and Main Power Circuit are Isolated.

● Hardware-based Circuit Protection against Arm-shoting or Wrong Gate Pattern Input.


● GaN E-HEMT, Isolated Gate Driver Circuit, Gate Power Circuit on board
Evaluation Environment of GaN Devices can be easily provided with Only external weak current circuit. Isolation between main circuit and control circuit is already implemented.

● Simple and Open Structure
Characteristics of GaN and surrounding components can be measured easily. Test-pins are mounted to measure typical points, and its simple circuit design enables easy measurement of circuit behavior.

● Free Circuit Diagram Information Provided
Users can evaluate theoretically and experimentally by referring the circuit diagram. Users can also customize for their own purpose.
(Headspring can provide customized circuit block as required)

Simplifying High Frequency Gate Drive of GaN Device

Specifications (Model: HGCB-2B-401100)
※under development

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