Circuit Block for Power Electronics

A single unit of this product can function as a DC/DC converter. Various types of power converters can then be realized by combining multiple units. For example, connecting two units together results in a single phase inverter while connecting three units together results in a three-phase inverter.


Circuit Block for Power Electronics

Circuits that are the core of power electronics technology (Power conversion via switching operations)


● This product is a circuit block that utilizes Rohm’s new trench type SiC-MOSFETs ”SCT3030AL”.

● This product contains two SiC power devices and a gate drive circuit and consists of a circuit board, heat sink, and fan.

● This product can receive external gate signals that drive each SiC power device and can also utilize external power.

● A separately provided external electrolytic capacitor, 24V and 5V power supplies, wires between circuit boards, and a controller are required to utilize this product.

● The control circuit and power circuit were designed to be insulated.

● This product has protective functions against arm short-circuits and undervoltage in the gate drive circuit and hence does not easily break, even when the gate pulse pattern is incorrect.


Research and development applications

● As evaluation samples for researchers already utilizing SiC power devices

● As sample evaluation circuits for researchers considering the use of SiC devices

● As evaluation circuits for parts manufacturers developing new peripheral circuits incorporating SiC devices

Product prototype applications

● As the circuit to be built in prototypes of products

Product built-in applications

● As the circuit to be built in mass-produced products

* Specific built-in applications can include power storage systems, power converters for V2H (Vehicle to Home) equipment, and PCSs for renewable energy.

Specifications (Model: HGCB-2A-401350)

Specifications 次世代パワー半導体への移行を容易に

Overall Circuit Diagram

Overall Circuit Diagram

Major Interface Signals

Major Interface Signals


Can I use this product as an in-vehicle device?
Because we have not conducted any in-vehicle tests on the product, we cannot guarantee safe or efficient in-vehicle use.
Can I have the SiC devices replaced with those made by another manufacturer when placing an order?
A separate charge will apply. Please feel free to consult us in such a case.
Can I buy a three-phase inverter with these products preassembled?
A separate charge will apply. Please feel free to consult us in such a case.
Is there any evaluation data available regarding this product?
The data will be posted on the support site of the product in due course.
May I modify the product after the purchase?
You can, but at your own risk and responsibility. We cannot guarantee that the product will work correctly if you make any modifications to it.
I would like to buy a controller for it as well…
A controller for the product is not currently available as a standard product. Please feel free to consult us in such a case.
Do you offer academic pricing?
Academic pricing is available for this product. Please feel free to contact us.
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