Headspring Inc. | We provide optimal energy systems using energy sources specific to the regions, achieving local production for local consumption

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MISSIONHeadspring’s style

Create unique value by combining a variety of different values

Headspring’s ideal corporate style, to use a musical analogy, is similar to jazz sessions. Rather than relying on fixed divisions within the organization for solutions, we have specialist staff with a variety of different values employ their own ideas according to each case, and work together to achieve innovative solutions and maximal output. Since we proceed with autonomous control rather than central control, detailed provisions are not established other than the principles. We entrust people on site with almost all the tasks involved in the project. Furthermore, we do not concentrate on our growth; instead, we pursue a rapid increase in value on the premise of a deep relationship with partners with whom we can make the most of our mutual strengths. In attempting to create the unique value that is typical of Headspring, we are as open as possible about the source of our expertise (Value-Out) and, thereby, enable the evolution of better solutions and practices together with external collaborators. That is the Headspring style.