We are Headspring

Now, 15 years since the turn of the twenty-first century, technological, industrial, and cultural exchanges across borders are becoming increasingly active because of the rapid advance of globalization. Meanwhile, the world population has also been growing: thirty years ago it was only five billion but is now over seven billion, and has been estimated to reach close to ten billion in 2050.
Population growth in emerging countries makes concerns about resources (e.g. food and energy, the environment, and economic disparity) international issues. Addressing these issues will require a large number of organizations, including businesses, associations, and academic institutions, to coordinate their activities and cooperate using a fundamental but long-term perspective.
Headspring provides energy solutions that “promote locally produced energy for local consumption” in emerging countries through the development, introduction, and expansion of smart energy technologies. We utilize the knowledge and technologies accumulated in those initiatives to help create a sustainable recycling society.

  • VENTURE SPIRIT:In pursuit of innovative solutions through collaboration
  • UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY:Highly specialized power electronics technology solutions
  • SOCIAL GOOD:Cooperation with people in emerging countries in the creation of energy systems
  • FOR THE FUTURE:Support for continuous development for communities in the low income bracket (BOP: Base of the Pyramid), which is estimated to total more than 4 billion people worldwide.